Are you in need of a computer guy without paying a fortune? Since I'm not a large company, I can offer the best price anywhere, guaranteed. I only charge $40 per computer -and that's for everything, not just diagnostics! While I'm there, throw any computer problems you have at me. Best of all, if I can't fix the problem or at least recommend parts, I won't charge a penny. Guaranteed.
¤ Remove or install new hardware
¤ Clean your PC of any virus, spyware, adware, malware, locked files, or fix any annoyances you may have. (This won't harm your data)
¤ Speed up your computer by clearing out junk files or programs that are running in the background
¤ Recommend upgrades (for the best prices) to help your computer be faster or be able to run the games/programs you want
¤ Backup / recover your files
¤ Give second opinions over the phone, won't hurt to ask me if you've already gone to somebody else. (advice via phone is free)
¤ Install any version of windows or any program/game needed
¤ Fix (most) bluescreen errors or other errors you have

¤ speak any other languages then English
¤ install hardware on laptops
¤ help with a Mac computer or Linux OS, (only windows-based PCs)
¤ make physical repairs, such as broken plastic/metal parts or any soldering

¤ I'm not connected to any company, ask me anything for non-bias advice. I won't try to sell you something.
¤ 16+ years of personal computing experience, this is a hobby of mine.
¤ I'll only charge $40 to come to your house and help (or I can pickup your tower and return it later with repairs if requested)
¤ If I can't help, it's free! (no charge)
¤ I can offer friendly advice via phone for free if you just have a quick question.
¤ I know TONS of little things to save you time and money!

¤ Contact me asap! I usually respond within a few hours hours.

When you send me a message, PLEASE be as detailed as possible about your problem. I'm usually able to visit after about 2:30pm on most days.

Friendly help
               Friendly price