According to, in 2015 there was about 310,000 new malicious files reported every day! There's no question you need antivirus on your system to survive this day and age. But how do you choose one? As of 2015, there are about 25 big-name options to choose from.
Rule #1:
   Not all antivirus programs are created equal
All too often I hear people choose an antivirus just because they've seen a commercial or heard a name many times.

This is not a good reason! They all have pros and cons. Learn to compare them and know the ups and downs of each.
Rule #2:
   The best antivirus can leave you vulnerable


Feature filled
All antivirus programs give you some level of control over what is and is not protected. Your antivirus is only as smart as you allow it to be. Even the best antivirus can fail if you don't set it up correctly or if you tell it to ignore the wrong file. I always recommend going through the settings and checking everything.

Don't depend on default settings!
Rule #3:
   No antivirus is perfect
" No bulletproof vest will ever protect against a grenade "
Above all else, remember no antivirus will be able to protect you against every virus out there. If you frequest dangerous sites, it's only a matter of time before you get infected. You may need to learn better habbits so your antivirus can do what it was designed for.

Antivirus Testing

There are two non-profit, third party organizations I recommend for antivirus testing. Both run extensive tests about 3 to 4 times per year and post the results. It is important to keep in mind that both organizations test the software with default settings ONLY. Some antivirus programs may be better or worse if you adjust the settings. Also take note Webroot and 360 Total Security aren't listed.
Check the results here with just one click!
( April 2015 )                                          ( February 2015 )

I have had the pleasure of going through almost all antivirus programs listed above at one time or another. I know the pros and cons of each. With that knowledge and with the always updated testing as seen above, I have chosen a personal favorite.

And the winner is...
360 Total Security
( by Qihoo )
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