360 Total Security

360 Total Security is a true testimate to freeware everywhere. It is created by Qihoo, a Chinese internet security company that knows what they're doing!

360TS is not only lightning fast, not slowing down your machine like many other antivirus programs, but it features an up to 3 engine trifecta of protection! 360TS also offers tools to help speed up your system.
360 protected users from 52,700,000,000+ malicious attacks in 2014.
It also detected and intercepted an average of 157,000,000+ malicious attacks every day.
360TS uses its own lightning fast cloud based protection engine for zero day attacks. This means you will be protected instantly after a new virus is released.
You also have the option of enabling award-winning Avira and Bitdefender engines for even better protection!
Qihoo offers two versions of their security software.
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